Natalia Bertotti

Community Artist: "Totem of Confessions" and "Photo Chapel"


Natalia is an artist and has been collaborating with Michael Garlington since 2013. 

“In that time we have gone on incredible adventures and have turned musings of our imagination into many portraits and pieces of Art some of which have not been burned! We brought two installations, (which burned), to Burning Man together: PhotoChapel in 2013 in the Totem of Confessions in 2015.”

From the success of these installations they have been invited to be a part of two different Art of Burning Man shows one in Norfolk, Virginia and one currently on display in Washington DC, at the Renwick Gallery. For both shows they were commissioned to make new installations. In addition to art, Natalia is currently studying herbal medicine at Gathering Thyme in San Rafael. She says about herself: “I follow my heart and embrace a life of varied interests and experiences”.