Santiago Montoya on View at Halcyon Gallery

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At If So, What? Halcyon Gallery is presenting works by Colombian artist Santiago Montoya. Montoya is best know for his works that use monetary currency to create sculptural works that comment on a broad spectrum of political issues. We had the chance to sit down with Simon Quintero, Head of Emerging Art + Artist Programme Manager at Halcyon Gallery to learn more about the Gallery's presentation.

If So, What?: Could you tell us a little about Halcyon Gallery’s focus and history?

Simon Quintero: Halcyon Gallery was founded in the UK in 1982. Since then we have grown to three art galleries in London, including our flag ship gallery in the heart of historical 144 -146 New Bond Street. We recently opened spaces in global cities such as Shanghai & Mumbai. We specialize in modern and contemporary art, working closely with emerging and established international artists. We are a global gallery for a global audience. 

ISW: Can you tell us a little bit about Santiago Montoya’s work, and why you have chosen to bring it to If So, What??

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SQ: Santiago Montoya is originally from Bogota, Colombia and currently works in Miami. Montoya works mostly – though not only – with paper money to comment on social, political, and current affairs. Money and its history interweave with monetary motifs that voice and comment on conservation, dispossession, and the transmission of information.  Montoya’s work constantly aims to uncover reality and bring to light the victory of the human spirit over adversity. 

With the introduction of new crypto currencies and the continuing debate over money and value we believe Santiago Montoya’s original work will be an exciting discovery for the ISW art fair goer’s. 

ISW: How did you approach curating your booth for ISW differently than you might for another event or fair? What are you most looking forward to?

SQ: San Francisco is a city we have never shown in before.  We hope that bringing works from the artist’s iconic Great Swindle Series will be a way to introduce his fascinating artistic practice and generate excitement over an artist whose work and career are going from strength to strength.

We have never exhibited on the west coast, so discovering and opening new horizons is what most excites us. We look forward to meeting new collectors and opening new dialogues with them and the city. We are also looking forward to the original mix of programming, events, and discussions at If So, What?.