Joaquín Lalanne's Surrealist Vision at Gallery Zielinsky

Joaquín Lalanne,  A Great Day , 2018. 81 x 100 cm, courtesy Galeria Zielinsky

Joaquín Lalanne, A Great Day, 2018. 81 x 100 cm, courtesy Galeria Zielinsky

Visitors to If So, What? will be treated to exhibitions from galleries and artists from around the world. Among the international highlights will be Zielinksy Gallery, a contemporary art gallery specializing in Latin American art, with locations in Barcelona and Brazil. The gallery will be presenting a solo exhibition by the young painter Joaquín Lalanne, whose works – inspired by Pop Art, Surrealism, and his own imagination – will resonate with the creative communities in the Bay Area. We were thrilled to catch up with gallery owner and director Ricardo Zielinksy before the fair opens to learn more about his gallery and exhibition for If So, What?.

If So, What?: What was the inspiration for founding Zielinsky Gallery?

Ricardo Zielinsky: We got our start in 2009 when we founded the Antic & Modern gallery in Barcelona, which specialized in modern art. We were interested in Latin American art as well, though, and so in 2011 we opened a branch in Brazil and started to work with more artists living and working there. In 2015 we founded Zielinsky Gallery in Barcelona, which specializes in Latin American contemporary art.

Joaquín Lalanne,  Thinking Pop,  2018. 81 x 130 cm, courtesy Galeria Zielinsky

Joaquín Lalanne, Thinking Pop, 2018. 81 x 130 cm, courtesy Galeria Zielinsky

ISW: We have been admiring the works by Joaquín Lalanne that you’ve shared so far. Can you tell us a bit about him and what you will be showing at If So, What?

RZ: We are pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by Joaquín Lalanne at If So, What? He’s a young promising artist from Uruguay. He is just 29 years old and art critics are already talking about Lalannisme. Lalanne’s artworks are mostly inspired by Surrealism, comics, Pop Art, and classic art. He has created his own visual language and builds completely unseen worlds. Lalanne’s artworks are already in several important collections around the world, including in the Spanish Royal Collection.

ISW: What were you thinking about when you curated your booth for If So, What?

RZ: We selected a young talented artist who has created his own language, like a lot of programmers from Silicon Valley did.

ISW: Why do you think Lalanne’s work will translate so well in the Bay Area? Is this your first time showing here?

Yes, it will be our first time showing in the Bay Area. We are very excited to show Lalanne’s artworks in San Francisco to a completely open minded public. We are sure both the artist and ISW audience will connect at once, especially with regards to the langue of art, tech, and creation. We are looking forward to seeing the dialogue between Lalanne’s artworks and the ISW audience because we think their minds might think alike. We also feel that If So, What? is a great opportunity to connect new collectors with cutting edge artists.