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Workshop: Visual Strategies for Neural Artistic Style Transfer


A Workshop Presented by CODAME
With artist Gary R Boodhoo


Create art with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence? Join Art and Technology Not-for-Profit CODAME for a 2 hour workshop to learn about DeepDream and AI technologies to create new forms of art. Participation is limited to 20 people per session, so register soon to reserve your spot. 

Artwork created by workshop participants will be showcased at If So, What? and at the annual CODAME ART+TECH Festival [2018], taking place June 4-7th at the The Midway SF. 

Workshop attendees will focus on narratives and strategies for image style transfer by iteratively processing batches of images. This creative AI technique applies the style of one image to the subject of another. For example, a self portrait can be made to look like a Picasso. However, some combinations raise more interesting questions. The emphasis will be on high resolution image generation through a custom interface to powerful neural networks in the cloud. 

Exploration will be guided by prompted exercises:

  • Create an image and combine it with a provided style to observe how the subject matter is affected by the style. Use a camera or bring image samples.
  • Create, edit or select a new style image and apply this to the previous subject. Any image editing or capture tools will work.
  • Optional: Using what you learned previously, create a new subject image or a new style image to see the combination of the two

Your resulting artwork will be shown at nightlife celebrations at If So, What? and CODAME ART+TECH Festival [2018]! The training room will transform into a interactive experience with the opportunity to play with the camera and the environment in a demonstration of real time neural network generated images. There will be displays, projections and LED lights for creative use. 

  • Experience Level: No coding experience is required to participate in this hands-on workshop.
  • Requirements: Bring a laptop or similar device capable of uploading images to a web interface. 
  • Homework: Optional preperation exercises available upon registration

For more information about the workshop, visit CODAME